Press Release

April 12, 2019
National Committee of
Asian American Republicans
T: 954-233-0672 x 527

Stop relentless witch-hunt against Asian conservatives
with “perhaps-there-is” evidences

Palm Beach, Florida – Palm Beach Post published another article on April 12, 2019 “Undisclosed cash flowed at Trump inaugural ball with ties to China, embattled Saipan casino” after its article on March 22, 2019 “From Jeb Bush to Trump: How Cindy Yang’s China-linked circle gained access”, demonizing Asian American conservatives in its desperate attempt of political witch hunt against President Trump.

This new article again misconstrues and misquotes the conversations, or direct fabricates lies to criminalize Asian conservatives. The Presidential Gala event on January 19, 2017 was put together by a group of advisors of Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee of Trump-Pence 2016, dismissed after the 2016 election, to celebrate the Victory and motivate APA participations. National Committee of Asian American Republicans (Asian.GOP) is the Host Sponsor whose volunteers over a hundred worked hard with advisors making the event a huge success. None of the checks were made to National Committee of Asian American Republicans, who deposited zero fund of the entire event to its account. With helps from about a thousand attendees and a dozen of sponsors, the fund collected just covers hefty cost at this premier venue with no contribution to any political campaign, as intended. This wonderful celebration event was named the largest event in the inaugural night we are all very proud of.

The author of the article cleverly “rearranged” words from Mr Cliff Zhonggang Li, one of advisors and Executive Director of Asian.GOP. “I don’t want to tell you” was put in the middle of article followed by an “expert opinion” attacking distorted meaning, while the reason” given how you’ve demonized our community” was put only at the end of the article. Words like “South Florida comrades” were thrown around the article implying the tie with Chinese communist government, which is totally unfounded. This kind of political prosecution again reminds us the political oppression many of us experienced where they came from. Accusing Chinese Americans participating as good citizens of this great nation “buying access”, “collecting information” with “perhaps-there-is” kind of evidences is racism at its root. This is fake journalism in its worst format, serving their own political agenda disguised under the cover of journalism.


For further information, please contact Mr. Cliff Zhonggang Li, Executive Director of the National Committee of Asian American Republicans (“Asian.GOP”). Call Asian.GOP direct at 954-233-0672 x 527 or email us at The primary mission of Asian.GOP is to raise the awareness in Asian American communities about the importance of participating in the political process, which has a great impact on everyone's life, for future generations, and for the fate of this great nation.

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