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March 19, 2019
National Committee of
Asian American Republicans
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On Cindy Yang case, Asian.GOP call on Pelosi and Schumer to
stop the political obsession getting President Trump

Washington, DC, March 19, 2019 — Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer released a statement on March 18, 2019 after House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, House Committee on the Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Vice Chairman Mark Warner, and Senate Committee on the Judiciary Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein sent a letter to the FBI, national intelligence agencies, and Secret Service requesting criminal and counterintelligence investigations into Li “Cindy” Yang.

We are appalled and dismayed to see the recent development of the Yang incident getting so far stretched to a level of biblical proportions. Ms Li “Cindy” Yang was one of our top volunteers who have been working very hard promoting public participation of US political processes. Fascinated by the new experiences and out of the admiration for the President Trump, Ms Yang had many pictures taken with republican candidates, and political figures, including the President and his family members, when she was involved in campaigns or being an event organizer. We never thought these pictures could become the material the American mass media use to demonize her, making her casualty in media’s collective efforts of witch hunt against President Trump. We are not aware of any wrong doing during her activities working with Asian.GOP. Her alleged questionable activities were only raised by media reports about 10 days ago with no solid evidences. However, Democrat leaders from both chambers quickly gathered four powerful congressional committees driving the national intelligence apparatus to overwhelm her, which reminds us the Michael Cohen Hearing on February 27, 2019 set on the day President Trump went to the other side of the world trying very hard to contain North Korean’s nuclear ambition. This kind of fierce domestic political fight severely undermines US efforts to make a safer world for many generations. Chasing fake and minor security threat with top Federal resources for domestic political purpose is wrong, also undermines our ability to deal with real threats from dangerous regimes. We call on Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer to regain rational from their political obsession getting President Trump, start to prioritize important issues average Americans outside DC beltway are facing, such as work opportunities, education, border security, and etc. We also call on Asian Americans, who are still green in political processes, not to be distracted or discouraged by this kind of ugly political maneuvers; get involved as citizens of this great nation; work with ones despite of different political believes; contribute to the great success of our country USA.


For further information, please contact Mr. Cliff Zhonggang Li, Executive Director of the National Committee of Asian American Republicans (“Asian.GOP”). Call Asian.GOP direct at 954-233-0672 x 527 or email us at The primary mission of Asian.GOP is to raise the awareness in Asian American communities about the importance of participating in the political process, which has a great impact on everyone's life, for future generations, and for the fate of this great nation.

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