Conference Featured Agenda Items

 Impacting Public Policy in the Era of President Trump
Jason Pye
Director of Public Policy & Legislative Affairs, FreedomWorks

Russian Diplomatic Opportunities Under Donald Trump
Aleksandr Kondrashin
George Washington Univ., Master in Public Policy (MPP) Candidate ‘2017
Investment Facilitation, Fulbright Student

China-US Relations in the Trump Era
Cliff Li
Advisor, Asian Pacific American Advisory Committee, Trump Campaign.
Executive Director, National Committee of Asian American Republicans.
Voice of America - China - Contributor

Sanctuary City Enforcement In The Trump Administration
Jon Moseley, Esq.
Executive Director, American Border Control

Unleashing the Power of Economic Freedom in the Trump Era
Martha Boneta
Virginia Freedom Activist, advocate for farm freedom & property rights

The Neutral Tax: Dumping the IRS for Good
Americans for Federalism

Effective Support of the Trump Agenda
Americans for the Trump Agenda -

Effective Grassroots Organizing
Ron Wilcox
President, American Grassroots Council

Act Local, Impact National
American Grassroots Council

Other speakers to be announced.

Master of Ceremonies
Ron Wilcox
President, American Grassroots Council, Inc.