Morning Session:

  • Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

    Lead by Mr. Zhi Liang 梁智, Councilman, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

  • Opening Remarks

    Mr. Cliff Zhonggang Li 李忠刚,Executive Director, New Asian Leaders

  • ABC Jimmy Kimmel "Kill Chinese" incidence; apology settlement

    Speaker: Mr. Jack OuYang 欧阳了寒, co-founder of the movement
    Mr. Haipei Xue 薛海培, one of negotiators

  • New York Specialized High School admission

    Speaker: Mr. David Lee, co-founder of CoalitonEDU
    Mr. Stanley Ng

  • Equal Education Rights; Civil rights complaint against Ive League college admission practices;

    Speaker: Mr. YuKong Zhao 赵宇空, President, Asian American Coalition for Education
    Mr. Stanley Ng, Mr. Jack OuYang 欧阳了寒

  • Political campaigns in NY 2016, New York, New York …

    Speaker: Ms. Susan Guan, chief of staff, campaign manager to New York State Assemblyman William Colton

Afternoon Session #1:

  • My experiences in local government, why should we get involved and how

    Mr. Zhi Liang 梁智, Councilman, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

  • Protect our children; Say no to reckless Obama transgender guideline

    Speaker: Mr. Zhongdan Lan 兰忠丹, co-founder of the Movement

  • March for Equal Justice, Parade of hundreds of thousands for Peter Liang;

    Speakers: Mr. YiPing Wu 吴一平, Commander in Operation of NY 220 Parade,
    Mr. Wei Dai 代伟, Mr. Jinliang Chen陳錦良, Mr. Alex Cao曹亞力士, and Mr. Kevin Ni.

  • Discussion of Sherry Chen case, Lindy Li National Campaign and other important events in Chinese American communities

    Mr. Guanguang Ji 计冠光, Mr. Yingchao Zhang 张迎潮, Prof. George Li李真真, Ms Lucy Liu刘乐天, Mr. Wei Dai 代伟,
    Ms. Qing Liao 廖青, Ms. Stephanie Tan谭笑


Session #2 looking forward

  • UCA and First Inaugural Chinese American Convention

    Speaker: Mr. Haipei Xue薛海培, President, United Chinese Americans
    Mr. Yingchao Zhang 张迎潮, Ms. Qing Liao 廖青, Ms. Stephanie Tan谭笑

  • Movers and Shakers: How Social Media WeChat changes the paradigm, connects the entire community now more than ever, and is developing fast

    Speakers: Mr. Jerry ChangYun He 何昌耘, President, Northern America United We-Groups the NAUWG team the NAUWG team 闲人,孙亚平,Shen, Mandy, George Li ,陌上花,娟,西山雨,黄文新,王顿

  • Ignored political voices; Our new political identity; Rising up in mainstream politics through US Party political structure

    Mr. Cliff Zhonggang Li 李忠刚, Executive Director, National Committee of Asian American Republicans

  • Outlook; Charter the new territory; Declaration of Our consensus

    All attendees

Evening session:

  • Dinner, Spirited, Karaoke and Dance, Farewell

Summit after dark