The country is at the crossroad. Time to rise up and have your voice heard! Come to meet Trump surrogates, and GOP state leaders; cheer for Trump and Republican values we resonate. All are welcome.


Guest Speakers

  • Bert Mizusawa, Former Major General - Senior Policy Advisor for Trump
  • Dr. Walid Phares, Senior Policy Advisor for Trump 
  • Bob Marshall, VA State Delegate, 13th Congressional District
  • Charles Hernick, Candidate for the Eighth Congressional District 
  • Chuck Smith, Candidate for Virginia Attorney General - 2017 Election
  • Chris Grose, Candidate for the Eleventh Congressional District
  • Elizabeth Schultz Member, Fairfax County School Board
  • Matt Ames, Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee
  • Jill Cook, Secretary, Republican Party of Virginia. 
  • Alice Butler-Short, State Director of Virginia Women for Trump
  • Jo-Anne Chase, Virginia Director - National Diversity Coalition for Trump
  • Ms. Monica Lee Morrill, Advisor, APA Advisory Council, Trump Campaign
  • Ronald Wilcox, Grass Roots Support Services
  • Dolores Newsuan Reyes, African American entrepreneur
  • Mary Ann Macdonald, Democrat for Trump
  • Hai Van Tran, Vietnamese American Republican Committee
  • Sue Wilson, Korean American Republican Party of Virginia
  • Bill Hoofat, Chinese American Republican Virginia Association 
  • Warie Azarcon, Filipino-American Republicans USA
  • Puneet Ahluwalia, Virginia Indian Republican Committee 
  • QiHui Huang, Maryland Republican Asian Pacific American Council


  • National Committee of Asian American Republicans, Northern Virginia Chapter
  • Korean American Republican Party of Virginia 
  • Chinese American Republican Virginia Association
  • Vietnamese Republican Committee Coalition
  • Filipino-American Republicans USA
  • Virginia Indian Republican Committee
  • Maryland Republican Asian Pacific American Council