Recently, Speaker Ryan held a Facebook Live Q&A with Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ), a 26-year veteran and the first American woman to fly a plane in combat.

The entire video is just 14 minutes long—considerably shorter than some other TV programming you likely watched earlier this week—but if you're still pressed for time, here are the three big takeaways:

  1. Women in the workforce face unique challenges - Four out ten American families look to women as the sole breadwinners. When women earn less, families—and our economy as a whole—do worse. But the solution to closing the earnings gap should not be to punish businesses or tip the scale in favor of trial lawyers. That's why Rep. McSally is leading a working group to first listen to the challenges facing women, and then champion common-sense policies that empower women, not restrict their options.
  2. The Obama administration is taking us backwards - With costly regulations like the 'overtime rule'—which no member of Congress ever had the opportunity to vote on—small business and job creators are forced to move salaried workers back on the clock, hurting young people, women, and the very people the regulation purports to protect.
  3. Radical Islamist terrorism is more dangerous than ever - "It was a joke," says Rep. McSally about the Obama administration's efforts to contain ISIS over the last 8 years. Coming from someone who knows a little bit about air power and military combat, that's some tough criticism. But while the lack of leadership from President Obama has damaged America's ability to confront this terrorist threat, House Republicans have A Better Way to keep Americans safe.
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