Ahead of the July 4th holiday, Asian Pacific American (APA) workers, farmers, and manufacturers have added cause for celebration this year. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) goes into effect today after years of hard-fought negotiation on the part of President Trump and Republicans.
As our economy begins to rebound after being artificially interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, the boost this new and improved trade deal will provide to all sectors of our economy could not come at a better time. 
The USMCA is a win for all of America with its potential to add over half a million jobs and increase economic activity by over $235 billion, and the Asian Pacific American community will reap the benefits that this modernized, freer and fairer trade agreement will bring. 
The provisions in this new trade deal is a win for Asian Pacific Americans and will create economic opportunities and increase wages across all fields. 
USMCA will ensure parity for American workers and contribute to American prosperity for decades to come. 
USMCA replaces the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was negotiated over a quarter century ago and was a glaring example of failed trade policies from past administrations that led to an exodus of American jobs.
The need to replace NAFTA to reflect changes in technology and commerce in the 21st Century was long overdue, and our Negotiator-in-Chief and his team deserve tremendous credit for displaying the political courage to actually get it done. 
More than just an improved, more reciprocal trade agreement, however, the USMCA signals a sea-change in thinking. 
Under this president’s leadership, no longer will the United States capitulate on trade and be held captive to the demands of other countries.
President Trump has shown time and again that he has the political courage to walk away from a bad deal while also working tirelessly to get a good one done. 
The contrast between the America-First trade policies championed by President Trump and those supported by Joe Biden in his 40-plus years as a career politician in Washington could not be greater.
Joe Biden’s decisions to vote for the job-killing NAFTA and to allow China to enter the World Trade Organization, a decision that led to thousands of factories shuttering and millions of American jobs being shipped overseas, demonstrate that Biden doesn’t have the judgement or ability to lead America’s fight on trade. 
The implementation of USMCA proves President Trump does. 
Despite months of needless delay and obstruction from Do-Nothing Democrats in Congress throughout the USMCA process, President Trump was able to deliver a better trade deal for America’s workers, farmers and manufacturers alike.
Free and fair trade has served as a foundation of American prosperity for over a century. Thanks to the leadership of President Trump, the USMCA will foster prosperity for Asian Pacific Americans and all of America through the remainder of the 21st Century and beyond.